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Online Membership System Iowa

Managing all the many aspects of a membership-based organization can be an overwhelming responsibility. SiteViz Connect offers you management simplicity; supporting membership management, payment processing, event management, communication tools, and much more. No longer do you have to use third-party firms and disparate applications to track and control the innumerable activities required to run a successful membership-based organization.

Membership Management, Simplified

SiteViz Connect is an innovative platform that can be tailor-made to fit your organization’s requirements and growth initiatives. As a site administrator you will have complete control of the most common membership management tasks, including creating, categorizing, and controlling staff and member accounts. Plus, because SiteViz Connect is a hosted solution, you can manage your organization and membership from anywhere, any time of the day. There is no software to install and maintain. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

SiteViz Connect supports three fundamental areas of effective membership management: members, reports, and events. Every feature ensures that you maintain positive and productive relationships with your organization’s participants. Your staff can be assigned edit permissions within the website, giving them defined roles and enabling more efficient delegation of membership tasks.

One of SiteViz Connect’s most popular features is the Campaigns and Donors Manager, which can run campaigns to generate interest and revenue for your organization. Plus, you can target specific members with easy-to-use search capabilities. Additionally, the software can help you effectively manage your organization’s finances. SiteViz Connect provides reports displaying member activities, subscriptions, donations, and payment statuses. Online processes are simplified allowing members and donors to pay securely online with any major credit card.


Website management can often be intimidating and overwhelming; however, SiteViz Connect eliminates this frustration because it is built with the non-technical user in mind. The software was architected to be as simple to use as a word processor, so you can make changes and updates without advanced technical knowledge and reliance upon costly third-party assistance. In addition, SiteViz Connect not only offers you robust and scalable functionality, it also promotes administrative self-sufficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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