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When it comes to their content management requirements, larger business and organizations typically have a need for greater control over how and when to make information available to the public. Sometimes they need greater editorial control, revision history, or they’re tasked with managing more than one website. Additionally, because these types of sites tend to favor more traffic, there are certain technological requirements that need to be addressed to keep the system from being quickly overwhelmed. SiteViz Enterprise addresses all of these concerns with a system that’s not only extremely powerful and versatile, but one that’s simple enough for even non-technical people to understand.


While it shares a lot of similarity with SiteViz Professional, SiteViz Enterprise Edition (SVEE) was built from the ground-up as a powerful content management system for larger businesses and organizations. It features unique editorial controls allowing individuals to post content, but requiring the approval of another before it is made public. Automatic revision history keeps track of page changes and lets you recover previous versions. An intelligent publishing engine writes static page content to HTML files, requiring less database dependency and dramatically increasing performance for busy sites. SVEE provides the capability of managing more than one website from a single user interface. It even lets you share content, images, documents, and other media between them.


In addition to page authoring capabilities, SiteViz Enterprise features numerous dynamic plug-ins to choose from. Blogging, events, news and press releases, photo albums, resources and links, and testimonials just to name a few. Looking for integration with social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr? No problem. Plus, built into SiteViz Enterprise is our e-commerce application, SiteViz Commerce. SiteViz Commerce gives you the versatility to manage a complete online store within your website.


Despite its unmatched capabilities, we feel that you'll find SVEE is also easy to use. Our primary goal when we created SiteViz was to offer an advanced product to our enterprise customers that would allow them to manage the entirety of their website with no advanced technical skills. If you can run a word processor, then you can probably run SiteViz without any difficulty.

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