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Is Your Contact Page Serving Your Users Effectively?

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Posted on 05/02/2018 at 01:01 PM

When thinking about the first impression that your website leaves on users, a lot of businesses think first about the homepage. It’s true that a great homepage will draw visitors into your website, however, it’s also very important to consider how your visitors can interact with you directly. If they have a question about a service, product or even a blog post on your website, are they encouraged to reach out to you via a contact page? And what kind of experience are you providing to them through your contact page? 

Below, we discuss a few elements that a warm, friendly contact page should include. 

Make it easy to find.

Your contact page should be easy to spot and simple to use. Place the link to your contact page in a prominent place throughout your website. Make sure the link to your contact page is viewable and in the same place on every page of your website. It should always be available to your visitors. 

Establish a warm, welcoming tone.

Your demeanor toward your visitor is positive, and your contact page’s tone should match this feeling. A contact page with a little personality will encourage visitors to reach out. Think about adding a picture to your contact page of your staff or including another relevant image. Keep in mind the impression you want to make on your visitor. Putting a face to your business, including a relevant image relating to your business, or even adding a few words that encourage your visitor to reach out will make the experience more personal. 

Include relevant information. 

In some cases, it may be a good idea to list your phone number and location information right on your contact page. If you serve customers at your place of business, it’s helpful to add store hours on this page as well. Including a Google Map link can make it easier for your mobile users to find you on-the-go.

Make it easy for your visitor to use.

Using a contact form on your website in lieu of publishing your email address not only protects your email from spam, but it makes it super easy for your user to reach out to you. Our SiteViz submission form makes it easy to keep your email address safe so that you can reduce unwanted spam. Using a form also makes it more convenient for your visitors as they will not need to open an email client to contact you. As an added bonus, an onsite submission form also keeps the visitor on your website so they are not distracted by other emails in their inbox! 

Ask your users how they’d like you to respond.

It is a nice touch to give your website users options for how they’d prefer you reply to their inquiry. Remember that some people prefer email over a phone call. Others prefer the more personal interaction that only a phone call can achieve. Not listing ‘phone call’ in your list of response options may turn some potential customers away entirely.  

Finally, if you can promise to respond to their inquiry within 48 hours, add this to your contact page’s confirmation message. This way, users will know to expect a short wait before receiving a response.

Limit the information your form requires. 

Only collect the personal information that is needed to reply to the inquiry. Do you really need a last name, a street address, or a city/state in order to respond? Keep in mind, it’s highly common for a user to abandon a form if it is too time-consuming to fill out or if they feel that they will receive unwanted calls or junk mail. 

That being said, do think about any optional information which you can request from them that will help you to provide a more complete response. Sometimes simple optional fields such as “budget range,” for example, can help you write a simple quote to provide to your potential customer. Giving the visitor the option to provide this kind of information won’t impose on them, and if they do choose to provide information that isn’t required, the additional context could help you to deliver a more thorough response.

In summary, the contact page on your website is an important way to establish a relationship with visitors and potential customers. Making sure that your contact page is user-friendly and well thought out will help foster a positive relationship with your website visitors.  

If you need help or have any questions about how to build an effective contact page, contact us today!

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