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The Strategy of Creating Content to Build a Brand (Part 4)

The strategy to create and build a brand

Posted on 09/20/2019 at 09:30 AM

(Note: This post is part four of a weekly five-part series on forming an overall digital marketing and sales strategy. Make sure to subscribe to the blog to see the final installment of this series!)

The only way to create the kind of cult following that means consumers come to you... to create content. Gary Vaynerchuck, Founder of Vayner Media, suggests starting with a piece of "Pillar Content."

"Since I start from video, my team is able to repurpose that one piece of content into dozens of smaller pieces of content, contextual to the platforms that we distribute them to. 


This could take many different forms — for example, if you’re not comfortable on video, you could record a podcast. You might even film yourself recording the podcast so you could have a video out of it as well. And from that video or audio clip, you can create content for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. " - Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO Vayner Media, Creator of the GaryVee Content Strategy.

Where do you find the inspiration to meet the ever-hungry demand of your content seekers and create your first piece of Pillar Content? Your company has a wealth of industry expertise sitting in the collective minds of your employees. Tap into that! Ask creative members of your team to draft blog posts on a business-related subject they’re passionate about. They'll be flattered that you value their expertise and provide the best possible content they can! If they’re not the most talented writer, start a podcast and interview them! Not only will this make them feel important and be great for morale, but it will humanize your company by letting consumers get to know the people behind the scenes!

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Why should I podcast to create content?

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity because they fit into the on-the-go lifestyle of the busy go-getter! There are podcasts to fit every niche and interest, guaranteeing an audience of consumers who are hungry to consume your expertise! Podcasts, when done correctly allow you to generate fantastic content that is ripe for organic growth that begs to be shared! For example, if you film a podcast you give yourself:

  • Three pieces of long-form content:
    • Audio content: The podcast for consumption on the go
    • Video content for your YouTube or Vimeo
    • (and if you transcribe the audio) Full blog content for a deep dive
  • Snippets for short-form content:
    • Outstanding, thought-provoking quotes make great social media posts
    • “Ah-ha!” moments from the video can be edited into smaller videos for Instagram stories and other posts guaranteed to grab attention and leave the audience wanting more

Another great approach is writing blogs, filming vlogs, posting regularly on social media, and penning articles for LinkedIn. When it comes to social strategy, take time to understand your platform’s analytics and schedule posts at peak traffic times that your audience is online to help with organic reach. Also, start with the end in mind. What is the purpose of the post? Do you want to build your brand by simply providing quality industry content, thereby establishing your company as an industry expert, or do you want the audience to do something? Your posts should include a call to action that encourages consumers to reach out for more and tells them how!

The idea is to provide your consumers with insights that keep them coming back for more! On that note, Join us next week for the conclusion of this series where we will preach some tough love about accountability!

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