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SEO Research

Global Reach will identify the areas of your website in most need of Search Engine Optimization. Typical opportunity areas include:

  • A lack of meta descriptions

  • A lack of optimized window titles for vital pages on the website

  • Sitemap issues

  • Duplicate metadata

These issues can severely hinder each page’s ability to be indexed by major search engines and negatively impact your website’s ranking. Missing image alt text can also prevent users and search engines from finding content on your website.

Seizing Opportunity

Our team composes and implements optimized meta descriptions. A crawl of the website can reveal any pages that are missing meta descriptions. Addressing these issues will ensure that pages are being displayed in search results. Keyword implementation is an important part of this process.

Our SEO research will also show us any window titles on your website that could be improved to better explain the content displayed on each page. This gives us an opportunity to include more search phrases to optimize both a user’s search intent and search engine results.

Image Optimization (and Accessibility Compliance)

Global Reach will also attempt to identify any images housed within your website that are missing image alt text. Image alt text improves your website’s overall accessibility by allowing visually impaired visitors, using web page auditory reading tools, to better experience your website.

Image alt text also provides an opportunity to explain the images with proper keywords to ensure search engines understand each page’s content. Search engines have been shown to provide preferential treatment to websites that are well equipped for accessibility. Global Reach can resize images for content optimization as we see the need or upon request.

Seeking Opportunity

Once these (and any other SEO areas we identify) have been addressed, Global Reach can monitor the progress of organic search results. This will give us an opportunity to fine-tune an SEO strategy for driving more traffic to your website and ensure your targeted audience is engaged with your content.

Curious About Your Website's SEO Opportunity Areas?

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