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Technical SEO

Technically, There's a Lot More Behind SEO...

Global Reach provides technical search engine optimization, technical SEO, resolution factors to rid the barrier placed by search engines crawling.

Detecting & Resolving Indexing Issues

If search engines cannot efficiently crawl your website, your ability to rank highly is hindered. Global Reach understands the technical barriers that can lead to indexing issues and are highly skilled at detecting and resolving these issues when they arise.

Detecting and Resolving Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can exist for several reasons. Our team has years of experience detecting duplicate content issues. We can put proper solutions into action through canonicalization, 301 redirects, or implementing necessary directives via robots.txt.

404 Error Management

Careful attention should be paid to any broken links that would cause 404 errors on your website. Global Reach will keep an eye on crawl errors, ensuring that pages or content are properly redirected.

User Experience

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is a key factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Global Reach is aware of techniques and best practices to keep your webpages loading quickly, while still providing your users with the quality images, files, and content they expect from your website.

Mobile Optimization

With almost 60% of all website traffic globally accessed via mobile devices, it’s important to keep mobile performance your top priority. We constantly monitor mobile-specific problems and are well-versed in tactics to improve a user’s mobile experience.

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