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Hosting & VPS Services

The Fast & Reliable Hosting Services You Need While Keeping All Of Your Data Secure

There are a variety of different types of web hosting along with various subcategories within the different types of web hosting. Global Reach offers a variety of different website hosting services. When it comes to hosting websites, Global Reach can meet your business's specific web hosting needs. From VPS hosting to cloud hosting to WordPress website hosting and GoDaddy website hosting, we offer the best web hosting services available! 

Unparalleled Hosting Services

We are proud to have an ongoing relationship with all of our hosting clients. We make sure your website is always updated and equipped with the latest security measures. Our dedicated IT support team will always be there to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. With our dedicated, expert, customer support staff, you can have confidence that your data is in good hands at all times. Learn more about our secure hosting services to see what service best fits your specific needs.

All Your Hosting Needs In One Hosting Provider

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Website Cloud Hosting

Enjoy greater reliability, flexibility, and scalability with affordable cloud hosting services.

VPS hosting iowa - Global Reach

Website VPS Hosting

Customize and configure your server exactly how you want with a dedicated VPS website server.

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Email Hosting

Do business anywhere with the peace of mind that your email is always available and always secure. 

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3CX Communications Software

Take advantage of a modern, feature-rich communication system without the hassle.

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Secure Hosting Data Center

Protected your website with a redundant firewall with an isolated VLAN, with the option of deploying a dedicated firewall.

Website Hosting Packages From Global Reach

Standard Web Hosting

Standard web hosting services from Global Reach include:

  • HTML caching for increased website delivery speeds
  • SOC-2 compliance
  • 14 internet connections
  • Daily website & database backups
  • 24-hour performance and uptime monitoring & response
  • Enhanced firewall protection with intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS)

High Availability Web Hosting

This high-performance, state-of-the-art server infrastructure technology provides real-time scalability based on your website’s traffic and bandwidth needs at any time of the day or night. The performance and reliability provided by this upgraded package are unparalleled by any other web hosting provided in Iowa.

High availability website hosting from Global Reach includes all the features of standard web hosting plus:

  • Full redundancy for maximum uptime
  • 3+ clustered web servers
  • 5+ clustered database servers
  • Elastic search cluster
  • SMTP (outgoing email) cluster 

Want to learn more about Global Reach's high-availability website hosting services? View our high-availability stack diagram to see how all of the different aspects of high-availability hosting from procedures to infrastructure to system design come together to create the highest-quality hosting services available. 

The Best Website Hosting For Any Industry

Global Reach has extensive experience hosting websites across every industry. From hospitals to law firms to retail, we’ve handled it all. Our hosting services provide your website with speed, security, reliability, and ongoing support. We know that each client is unique, so we custom-tailor our hosting services to meet your specific needs. When choosing your hosting provider, choose a company that will provide you with a personal, accountable, and ongoing relationship. Choose Global Reach!  

The Best Hosting Features

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Reliability & Uptime

Bad hosting services can result in your website going down unexpectedly. This not only makes your website inaccessible to users until the site is back up, but it also harms your search engine optimization (SEO). Naturally, it’s bad for your website to be down for any amount of time, especially if it is a recurring issue. A good website hosting provider should have an average uptime of at least 99%.

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It’s important that your web hosting provider has the technology to support everything you need for your website. A secure data center, the number of allowed subdomains, scripting language support, options for email hosting, etc. are all important factors to consider when analyzing website hosting companies and web hosting services.

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If you don’t have secure website hosting, you’re susceptible to breaches and hacks that can take down your website, compromise sensitive data, and more. Oftentimes, when businesses take advantage of free website hosting or cheap website hosting, they’re getting what they pay for. Secure web hosting doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should provide (at the very least) malware protection, SSL certificates, firewalls, and top-of-the-line security measures for physical data centers

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As your business grows and evolves, so should your website hosting services. As your business grows, or if you’re expecting a traffic spike for a particular reason, you want a website hosting provider that can handle increases in traffic. Scalable web hosting increases the available memory and processing power on your website when the need arises. Need to add email hosting, more data storage, more domains, etc.? Reliable web hosting companies should be able to meet the changing needs of your business. 

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Data Backup & Data Recovery

In the instance of a security breach, human error, or some other mishap, you don’t want to lose any of your website data. Months of work and growth can be lost entirely if your website data isn't sufficiently backed up. A reliable web hosting company can provide a variety of both data backup and data recovery options to meet your business's specific needs.

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IT Support

While many people think of website hosting as a hands-off process, actual people maintain servers and the website hosted on them. Security upgrades, routine maintenance, testing, and more are all vital to providing the best web hosting services. Additionally, in the case that you need assistance or have questions, you want responsive, helpful IT support. You don’t want a chatbot, you want to talk to an actual expert who can provide you with the IT support services you need. 

Get Reliable, Affordable Hosting For Your Business

Global Reach offers reliable, secure website hosting services and email hosting services to meet your business's specific needs. We also offer web development services, IT support services, and all of the other website services you need to grow your business. See what the best website hosting can do for your business with website hosting services from Global Reach!

Web Hosting Services As Dedicated To Your Website As You Are

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