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We are excited to celebrate our 30th year of business in 2025, and to show our appreciation to the community, we are giving away six FREE websites to Iowa-based organizations. Click here to apply to be considered for the giveaway.


Website Design Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing to partner with Global Reach on your web development project! The first step is the Design Kick-Off Meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to:

  1. Learn as much as we can about your company's needs
  2. Define clear objectives for how the website will look
  3. Begin laying a foundation for a beautiful, functional design

A productive design meeting will:

  1. Ensure the design phase is focused and efficient
  2. Support the creation of an amazing design that hits everything you're looking for

How should you prepare?

We need your help to make the kick-off meeting productive. If you prepare well for the meeting, together we can reduce back-and-forth, eliminate the need for extensive revisions, and make sure we've considered everything to make the design the best it can be.

Before the kick-off meeting:

  1. Fill out the Design Questionnaire with as much detail as you can. This allows the design team to understand your design goals and needs.
  2. Outline a Site Map (See next page for example)
  3. Gather any design or marketing material, including
    1. Logo files (.eps or .ai)
    2. Any images you might want to include
    3. Marketing material that helps us understand how you present your brand
  4. Make note of any questions or concerns not addressed in the questionnaire

The more information you provide the better! A great design will result when we understand your needs inside and out, and a smooth design and development process relies on careful planning.

We can't wait to get started!

Sample Site Map

A sitemap is a nested list that shows how website pages are organized. The main list items represent top-level navigation links that appear in the header. Sub-items represent child pages. Even a rough site map helps us understand what kind of content you'll have. The site map does not need to be final at this stage of the process.

Below is an example of a site map. Each item represents a page in a website.

  1. Home
  2. Products & Services
    1. Design
      1. Print Design
      2. Web Design
    2. Development
    3. Hosting
      1. Plans & Pricing
    4. Internet Marketing
      1. Search Engine Optimization
      2. Internet Marketing
  3. Portfolio
  4. About Us
    1. Locations
    2. History
    3. Our Partners
    4. Careers
  5. Contact Us

Please use the form below to help us prepare for the initial design meeting. Answer the questions as best you can (tips are shown underneath some comment boxes in case you are unsure what to enter), and we will go over the questions in further detail during the meeting.

* Indicates a required field
General Information

Who will be the main contact(s) and what are their roles?

Add More
 (e.g., Agriculture, Banking, Construction, Ecommerce, Education, Government, Healthcare, etc.)
Project Objectives
  Sales, Donations, Registrations, Contact Us, Information Dissemination, etc.
  Tech-savvy, Business-like, Serious, Warm & Caring, Playful, Hip, Informal, etc.
Brand Identity
 Age Range, Gender, Occupation, Income, Education, Interests, Geographic Location, etc.
Does your company have a social media presence?:
Do you have a Branding Guide?:
Website Assets
Do you have a logo?:
Do you have any high-resolution imagery that you would like to use on your new website?:
 (e.g., About Us, Our Work, News, Contact Us)
Have you developed a site map (the overall structure of your site, including sub-pages)?:
Design Preferences
 (e.g., Modern, Minimalistic, Traditional, Bold)
 (e.g., Contact Form, FAQs, Blog Carousel, Product Carousel, Newsletter)
Are there any features/colors/layouts that you do not like?:

Please provide up to 3 websites from your industry that you find appealing or useful and explain why:

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Please provide up to 3 websites from any industry that you find appealing or useful and explain why:

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