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Website Design & SEO Questionnaire

Use the form below to help us prepare for the initial design and SEO meeting. Answer the questions the best you can, and we will go over them in further detail during the meeting.

* Indicates a required field
 What is your unique selling proposition? What do you offer that they don't?
 Age range, gender, occupation, income, education, interests, geographic location, etc.
 Sales, donations, registrations, contact us, information dissemination, etc.
 What is the one thing you want website visitors to take-away from their experience?
 Tech-savvy, Business-like, Serious, Warm & Caring, Playful, Hip, Informal...
 Think of your different target audiences, what are each looking for or trying to accomplish?
Have you developed a site map (the structure of your site, including sub-pages)?:
Do you have any current marketing materials?:
 This allows us to get a better understanding your desired aesthetics. What do your customers like?
 This will help us understand some of the things you want to avoid.
Do you have a logo?:
Do you have a particular color scheme?:
Do you have any imagery that you would like used on your new website? If yes, please send it to your project manager prior to the design meeting, if possible:
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