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Quarter 3 Maintenance Updates

Below are the enhancements that were automatically rolled out to SiteViz websites over the last few months. Have an idea for a new SiteViz enhancement? Send it along to your project manager! We are always looking for ways to improve our CMS.

General Updates

  • Added support for a more robust content security policy regarding embedded JavaScript & CSS. This allows a website to have clear security definitions in relation to which third-party assets are trusted.
  • Use minified code for some third-party libraries to reduce the overall page size. This helps with PageSpeed reports as well as improving the overall user experience.
  • Removed "Static Link" type pages from the sitemap
  • When editing a link in the admin WYSIWYG, the folder tree will be opened to the position of the current link
  • Grid styles in WYSIWYG

Classifieds Module

  • Added maximum size limitation to prevent unnecessarily large images from taking up too much storage space & bandwidth
  • Allow webp images to be uploaded



  • Check for new FTP images during some integrated imports
  • Added support for removing or not importing certain products during an integrated import
  • Added USPS Ground Advantage as a carrier service


Events Module

  • Added time zone support to calendar invitation files so users in different time zones will see the appropriate time for their location


Files Module

  • Allow file categories to be deleted even if they have child categories or files


Electric Cooperatives

  • Improved performance of some outage reports
  • In the reports, only look at the last 7 days when searching for the last total meters without power for a county


Google Ads Tools

  • Added support to handle operations that need to take place immediately after saving a lead
  • Updated display to support longer questions/labels


Locations Module

  • Added lazy image loading support for the list view to prevent images at the very end of the list from being loaded before they were needed


Membership Management

  • Moved report filters to the sidebar
  • Added number of renewed members to reports
  • Added new listing to display each type of member (new, terminated, renewed) to the export


Membership Messaging

  • Allow images to be added to email messages
  • Allow ICS (calendar invitation) files to be attached to email messages


News Module

  • Optimized delivery of stylesheets to reduce the overall page size


Newsletters Module

  • Register associated links for the Image Caption field so any linked resources are tracked for inbound links
  • Added action button for duplicating an issue and its articles.
  • Updated some breadcrumbs so they are consistent with other modules
  • Hide tabs when previewing an issue in the admin



  • For admins that manage multiple websites, the selected website is now retained in "Manage Websites" until the administrator selects another website


Partners Module

  • Optimized delivery of stylesheets to reduce the overall page size


Physicians Module

  • Updated linked data for reviews to include anonymous author since the author field is required by Google


Posts Module

  • Improved performance in getting the list of new posts
  • Added lazy image loading support for home page content boxes so the images are only downloaded when a user views them


Staff Directory Module

  • Optimized delivery of stylesheets to reduce the overall page size


Submission Forms Module

  • Updated the subject of the user and admin notification to use the submission form's title as the page name, by default, in order to match the title used when rendering the form


Testimonials Module

  • Optimized delivery of stylesheets to reduce the overall page size


User Management

  • Improved performance when saving users and groups
  • Added report to show the time of last login for all users

Videos Module

  • Added support for uploading .webm video files
  • Removed support for .avi and .flv files


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