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Global Reach

Google stopped processing data for Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023, contact us to set up your GA4 today.

Email Support

With your Global Reach email account you can configure your mail client or wireless device to access your email. Use the information below to setup your account or to fine-tune your settings to best suit you!


Email Account Settings

Below are listed the settings you should use to set up your account:

  • Incoming Server:

  • Outgoing Server:

  • Ports:

    • POP3 (Incoming): 995 (Use SSL)

    • SMTP (Outgoing): 465 (Use SSL)

    • IMAP: 993 (Use SSL)

  • Always set the authentication method to: "Password"

We also have step-by-step setup instructions by device and email client. Please be aware that the steps may vary slightly between different devices and versions.

Email Troubleshooting

If you have reviewed our instructions above and you are still having email connection problems check our advanced email settings in email troubleshooting.

Global Reach Email FAQs

Global Reach utilizes SmarterMail for our in-browser mail client. Review how to use online chat, how to send large attachments, how to allow co-workers to see your schedule, and more in our Email FAQ.



Below offers more information on specific topics outside the frequent email questions. Look below if you need information on a more specific issue!

Global Reach Email Auto-Delete Feature FAQs

This page has information and frequently asked questions regarding our new auto-delete feature.

Email Password Best Practices

This page gives information on how to maintain a secure email password.

Other SmarterMail Resources

Import your old mailbox into your Global Reach email account using our mailbox migration instructions.

Help prevent your email storage space from reaching or exceeding its limits by managing your email storage.

How to Mark Spam Emails in Outlook

This page gives instructions on how you can report spam messages in Outlook.

Email Headers

Need to get your email header information but don't know how? Look here for instructions.

EdgeWave User Manual

This page gives a step by step guide on how to use EdgeWave, Global Reach's spam firewall.

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