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Managing Email Storage

Minimizing Email Storage Space

Follow the tips below to help prevent your email storage space from reaching or exceeding its limits. This will ensure that you continue to receive incoming messages.

Using a Mail Client

Adding your email address as a POP (or POP3) account into a mail client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail) is the best way to make sure your messages are saved locally to your device. Using our recommended settings will help prevent too many messages from accumulating on the mail server. You can also use the mail client to quickly search for sent and received messages. Please see our Email Setup Instructions page for more information on adding your account to a mail client.  For additional information on the differences between the two primary email account types, IMAP and POP, feel free to visit our Newsletter section.

Checking Your Usage

If you receive a notification that your inbox is almost full, or if you are curious how much space you have left, you can check your status by:

1. Login to SmarterMail (

2. Click on the Reports icon.

3. Click Disk Usage in the left sidebar.

4. This report will show you how much storage space is being used, and what folder you can find this data in. You can use this information to figure out which folders you may need to remove messages from.


If you are still in need of additional space after taking the steps above to minimize the amount of storage space being used, please contact Global Reach Support at or by calling (515)-996-0996.

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