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Email Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting email settings

Server type

POP3 - works best for email clients on desktops and laptops and mobile devices which support it.

IMAP - works best for mobile devices that do not support POP3 accounts. Please note that IMAP will leave messages on the server, which means your email storage limit will eventually reach it's capacity and will not accept more email unless settings are adjusted to allow for server deletion.


Incoming and outgoing settings

Incoming server:

Outgoing server:

Port Options

Incoming server for POP3 using SSL: 995

Outgoing server for SMTP using SSL: 587, 465

Incoming server for IMAP using SSL: 993

Outgoing server for IMAP using SSL: 465

Other Settings

DO NOT use Secure Password Authentication (SPA)

DO use SMTP Authentication.
Authentication is required to send email, this setting will be something similar to, "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" or "Send username and password while sending mail". Set your configuration to use the same username and password information that is applied for receiving mail.

Note for email on mobile devices:
If you are sharing a POP3 mailbox with more than one device, such as a desktop computer and a mobile device, you probably want to set each of the devices to leave a copy of the messages on the server for several days. We recommend leaving the email message on the server for about 10 days which allows enough time for each device download a copy of recently received email.

If messages are being received by one device but not other devices chances are that the device receiving email is removing mail before it can be downloaded by the other devices. Please double check that you have correctly configured your email to leave message on the server.

When setting outoging mail on IPhones, the setting options usually say that the username and password are optional.  That is not correct for our servers, this information is required.

IPhones almost always have the wrong default phone settings.

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