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Website FAQ's Answered

Our support team receives a lot of great questions from our clients. Our most popular questions are answered below.


Q. I need to add special characters to my website. How can I do that?

A. Yes, you can add special characters to your website. Log in to SiteViz and find the page you would like to edit. Click on the insert symbol icon and select the special character that you would like to enter.

Q. I updated my website and the text and images are not the correct formatting. What happened?

A. You might have copied and pasted from Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word has its own HTML coding and when you copy and paste from Microsoft Word the HTML may transfer to your site making unwanted formatting changes. Please copy your information from Microsoft Word to Notepad or Wordpad and then to your website. (Notepad or Wordpad usually come as default programs on most computers.)

Q. I have cleared my cache and I see that my website is displaying correctly. Will my clients have to clear their cache to see the correct information?

A. No, most likely your clients will not have to clear the cache in order to see the information correctly on your website. In order to speed up web browsing, web browsers are designed to download web pages to store images and information locally on your computer's hard drive in an area called "cache". By clearing the cache you are manually clearing out your computer’s memory enabling it to grab the newest information.

Each computer cache’s your website differently at a different time, the cache is usually updated on a regular basis. By clearing your cache, you just made your computer re-import the newest website information now, rather than at its regularly scheduled time.

Q. I made a link to the main navigation of my site and it is not displaying. I checked the page and it is set as an 'Active' page, why isn't it displaying?

A. Most clients are unable to change the header or footer of the website to avoid updates that would affect the website negatively. If you would like to adjust those portions of your site please contact the Global Reach support team at

Q. I need to know the size of an image on the website. Is there a quick way to find this information?

A. Open your website in Firefox, right click on the image in question and select, 'View Image Info'. A popup window will appear with the image dimensions on it.

Q. I saved my edit and refreshed my page but my edit isn't displayed on the website. How do I show my edits?

A. If you have saved your edits, refreshed your website page and do not see the edits updated on the website try to clear your cache. For instructions on how to clear your cache please click here.


If your question still hasn't been answered please send your question to

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