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Move What Matters

The challenge

When the Iowa State University Foundation needed a website to bring attention to projects that can change the world and provide a way for supporters to donate, they turned to their trusted partners at Global Reach.

The Foundation team also wanted to have the ability to measure the effectiveness of multiple strategic marketing efforts built into the website's automatic functionality.

The solution

Using valuable textual content and visual assets provided by the Iowa State University Foundation, The Global Reach Design Team provided a website that helps them dynamically highlight programs to help the global community move toward things like "Food for All" with next-generation innovation, and efforts to fight for "A Hunger Free World". The Move What Matters website also puts a spotlight on "on-the-ground projects" that help build sustainable communities in Uganda, and ways that brilliant minds at Iowa State are helping solve epic pandemic related problems.

This fresh, dynamic website draws visitors in and pulls them deeper into the stories, missions, and people who are helping reshape the world around them! The Global Reach team set up various tracking elements and custom URLs to measure traffic from various sources (email, social, texting, etc.) so that impact and reach of efforts could be measured in an effective and efficient way.

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Image of Mobile Mockup of ISU Foundation's Website Move What Matters Created by Global Reach
Image of a Mockup of Multiple Devices of ISU Foundation's Website Move What Matters

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