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Paid Media - Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Laser-targeted online ads have the potential to make a major difference in increasing exposure for your organization. Our expert digital marketing team can build a content strategy to boost your search engine rankings and increase your website traffic. There's no guesswork involved with Global Reach's SEM strategy. We harness the best keyword data, competitor research, and our exceptional experience to put together an online ad campaign that will not only meet but exceed your business goals.

Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) provides a supplemental activity to meet your online visibility goals. SEM focuses on paid advertisements that guarantee the optimal placement of your ads. By effectively supporting your existing content and digital marketing strategy, SEM can affordably ensure visibility and drive additional traffic to your website.

Social Media Ads

Paid social media ads are a great way to capture the attention of your ideal target audience. In today’s digital landscape, social media marketing is a critical aspect of any good strategy. Interactive posts generate valuable opportunities as users can click directly on the post and automatically be taken to any page on your website. Whether you are trying to promote something new, like a website launch, or get your products and services more attention, paid social media ads are an effective option.

Google Ads

Targeted Campaigns (Google Ads)

google ads servicesPinpoint your online marketing resources with a targeted online advertising campaign. Ads are Google’s advertising product that offers pay-per-click advertising. Advertisements target Google search results pages. Ads can be modified to target users most relevant to your business to achieve optimal results.

Setting up your Google Ads properly can take time and requires an understanding of the platform and how to best use it. As your continued partners, Global Reach can act as your Google ads manager to help maximize your desired outcomes. No matter your experience or goals, our expert team can assist in any of the following ways:

  • Google Ads Account Creation: If you don’t already have an Ads account, we can assist you in every step of the process from set-up to determining a budget.
  • Campaign Set-up: Once your account is set up, our team can set up multiple unique Ads campaigns based on specific areas of your business. This includes:
    • Keyword research and selection
    • Developing bid strategy
    • Setting up conversion tracking
    • Establishing a budget, audience, and geolocations
  • Continued Monitoring and Reporting: Global Reach provides continued Ads support to ensure that your Ads are effective. We will monitor and review performance analytics to make sure your Ads are effective. This includes adjusting keywords and ad campaigns to maximize the return on your investment.

Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits

Google Ads grants fro nonprofits

Are you a nonprofit? Do you want $10,000 per month in FREE Google Ads?

What is a Google Ad Grant? Google offers nonprofit organizations that have 501 (c) (3) status and are enrolled in Google for Nonprofits the opportunity to receive $10,000 USD in in-kind Google Ads advertising every month. If approved, your organization can hit specific milestones that allow a free upgrade to $40,000 in in-kind Google Ads advertising... monthly!

Google Ads grants fro nonprofits“The more frequently your ads appear next to Google search results, the more people will be aware of your cause. That can translate into more donations and more volunteers — the lifeblood of every nonprofit.” - Google

We Can Help!

Global Reach will help your organization apply for the Google Ad Grants program to ensure you have the best opportunity to be approved. We have successfully helped nonprofits with this process in the past and understand all the program’s requirements.

Once approved, our nonprofit clients have found that they benefit from assistance monthly with adhering to ad regulations and knowing how to best utilize the $10,000 in Google Ads.

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