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Our Data Center

Data Center Security

Our customers are protected by a shared, redundant firewall with an isolated VLAN, with the option of deploying a dedicated firewall. For secure remote access, Global Reach can also configure a site-to-site VPN from a customer's premises to the data center. Physical access to the Global Reach data center is granted only to authorized personnel. The building is monitored around-the-clock from a remote location to ensure the highest security.

Power Systems

Global Reach provides a highly-available infrastructure, designed to be a reliable environment for our clients. All power fed to customers' co-location space is protected by uninterruptible power supply (or UPS) and a backup generator. The N+1 redundant UPS system will protect critical infrastructure against power spikes, surges, and brownouts. Our generator is able to support the data center at full capacity, with auto start and auto transfer.

Our generator is powered by natural gas, so in the event of extended power outages, our data centers stay online.

Environmental Systems

Global Reach's data center has redundant cooling systems to maintain the optimal temperature for efficient computing. The data center environment is constantly monitored to ensure appropriate airflow, temperature, and humidity levels.

Network Connectivity

A highly-available network is provided through multiple Tier 1 internet connections. Single or multiple IPs are available with unlimited data transfer.

Backup Procedures

We employ some of the most sophisticated data backup methodologies and are ready to custom tailor a backup system to meet your specific needs. We’ll consider your Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective you make your data available when you need it.

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