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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Ready to Connect With Your Audience?

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect the ability to find your business on multiple platforms. Studies show that a customer would prefer to reach out via social media channels over simply picking up the phone to place a call.

Social media communication differs quite a bit from more traditional forms of media, such as print or broadcasting, where an individual or organization is sharing information with a large group of people. Due to its very nature, social media is more intimate and personal.

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An Ongoing Digital Marketing Partnership

Let Global Reach Assist With Your Strategy Across All Platforms

If you would like to receive professional feedback, advice, and recommendations, we advocate our Ongoing Social Media Strategy Consulting services. Each month, we will start by reviewing and analyzing your progress from the previous month. We will gather insight and make recommendations on focus areas for the month ahead.

We will work with you on a monthly basis to determine which areas require attention and allocate as the budget allows. Our monthly consulting packages include:

  • Research and compilation of post ideas
  • Implementation of creative social media proposal
  • Quarterly reporting on social media traffic and insights

Compilation and Implementation of Post Ideas

Consistent social media activity is essential for building and maintaining an effective social media presence. It is also necessary to keep your audience interested and engaged in your company or organization. Creating fresh post ideas can be a challenge, but we are here to help. Global Reach can provide you with a monthly list of post ideas that can be implemented by yourself or by us.

Social Media Advertising

Most people are familiar with Facebook ads, but did you know almost all other social media platforms offer advertising options as well?

We have seen clients gain up to 200 new followers per month by allotting just $10 per day for paid social media advertising. One strategic advantage is the ability to target very specific demographics and interests. We will work with you to create hyper-targeted ads that will attract the attention you want! To make the most of your daily advertising budget, we will also monitor and manage your ads as needed.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook: Facebook is a platform where businesses and organizations can share photos/videos, interact with people and pages, and share the latest news and announcements. They can “like” customers’ pages as well as create and promote events and job openings.

Instagram: Instagram offers a great opportunity for businesses to highlight their products and services in a uniquely visual way. It can also be utilized to boost sales and offer a new e-commerce outlet! Our experts understand the trends and how to make the most of this powerful platform!

Twitter: Using Twitter, businesses can quickly find out what their target audience is talking about and tap into the conversation. Searches for a specific subject or keyword can be performed to instantly receive a list of all tweets including a search term. Twitter works well for releasing up-to-the-minute announcements. In our experience, businesses with Twitter accounts should be able to commit to tweeting at least twice per week

LinkedIn: An active presence on LinkedIn allows you to build brand awareness, establish industry expertise, and create an image for your products and services. Another benefit of utilizing LinkedIn is building inbound links for your website. 

Posting content on LinkedIn not only increases the traffic to your website, but it helps to increase your overall SEO rankings. If the goal of your online marketing campaign is to generate more contact submissions, Global Reach can show you how effective this medium is at accomplishing your goal.

YouTube: YouTube Channels are created to allow companies or organizations to publish videos online for the public to view. YouTube is not only a useful marketing tool but also a free way to store videos online. Global Reach can set up a YouTube Channel account, link your other social media, and help complete the settings that will optimize your channel. We can also optimize videos of your choice with proper copywriting content and customized descriptive information.

Google My Business: Global Reach can assist your organization in creating and/or claiming your Google My Business (GMB) account. We provide optimizations of the account with current organization information such as operational hours, services offered, FAQ, and contact information.


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