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Digital Marketing Reporting Services

An effective digital marketing strategy requires ongoing adjustments, with data to inform these adjustments. Without detailed reporting, any refinements to digital marketing strategies are essentially just a shot in the dark. There are many free performance reporting tools and platforms, but truly utilizing them for the best results can be complex and time-consuming. 

Paid digital marketing research and reporting tools can yield invaluable insights but can also be extremely expensive. With ongoing digital marketing reporting services from Global Reach, you have access to a wide variety of digital marketing reporting tools paired with expert insight. Ongoing digital marketing reporting services from a full-service digital marketing agency are a cost-effective way to get the reports, insights, and advice your business needs.

Google Analytics Reporting

Google Analytics is one of the best marketing reporting tools and is arguably required for ongoing digital success and growth. Since Google Analytics 4 is replacing Universal Analytics in July 2023, there are plenty of new, robust features to take advantage of. With a wide variety of custom GA4 reports, our Google Analytics specialists can answer specific performance questions and set the direction for any necessary improvements. 

digital marketing Google Analytics reporting services from Global Reach

Our Google Analytics experts can provide detailed Google Analytics 4 reporting custom-tailored to your business's unique needs. From eCommerce revenue reports to user activity reports to segment/demographic reporting and everything in between, we can give data-backed answers to any question that you may have! 

Google Looker Studio Reporting

Looker Studio, formerly Google Data Studio, is a valuable tool for converting data into customized reports and dashboards that are easier to read and interpret. These reports are entirely customized with the data you need in an easy-to-understand, visually appealing manner. 

digital marketing reporting services from Global Reach

Google Looker Studio reports are great for sharing reports with your internal team to measure the success of a campaign, compare Year-over-Year (YOY) performance, and so much more. 

Website Health & Technical SEO Reports

Website health includes a broad range of technical SEO aspects that impact how search engines are able to crawl, understand, and rank your website and its content. Technical search engine optimization is the foundation for ranking your website higher in search engines and creating a user-friendly experience. 

Image 1 of technical seo audit report from Global Reach Image 2 of technical seo audit report from Global Reach

With so many different potential technical SEO issues, it can be virtually impossible to locate and address every issue on your website. Our advanced website scanning software can detect website issues you may never know existed! Get a free technical SEO audit report today!

Organic Traffic Reports

See what your top website pages and keywords are, areas where your organic traffic is dropping, and more. Organic traffic reports can be a vital resource for SEO copywriting by identifying what pages need work and what keywords need to be added to your website content. This website reporting tool is ideal for shedding insight into how your website is performing organically.

Keyword Reports

Keyword research is the foundation of search engine optimization, and with SEO experts, advanced keyword research tools, search engine rankings reports, and more, Global Reach will help you climb up the search engine rankings. With robust keyword reporting tools, we can provide keyword reporting on where your website ranks in search engines for the keywords you want to be found for. We can even give keyword reporting on the number of users searching one keyword variation versus another to help you determine the best keywords to use on your website. 

Competitive Analysis Reports

See where your competitors rank in search engines, what keywords they rank for that you do not, and so much more. These insights can be invaluable in seeing where your website is being outperformed by competitors so that you can stay competitive in search engine rankings.  

Social Media Reporting

To maximize the success of your social media marketing efforts, we can provide detailed social media insights for any social media platform that can help you get more engagement and followers. This can range from general reporting on what type of posts are performing the best to the exact days and times your followers are online.

The Right Reports For Your Business

If you’re not looking for comprehensive digital marketing services, ongoing digital marketing reporting services can be a crucial alternative to help ensure your business's online success. Whether you’re looking for just one type of marketing analytics or a combination, Global Reach is here to help. And when you combine the best marketing reports with expert digital marketing consulting services, you’ll have the tools, data, and expertise to grow your business's online presence to new heights! 

See Your Business in a New Light

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