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Intranet Software

Coordinate Your Business Like Never Before

Intranets by Global ReachGlobal Reach’s secure intranet solutions allow you to manage and coordinate your business with unparalleled efficiency. Imagine having every business tool you need all in one easy-to-use private online headquarters. Intranet solutions are a vital part of any business strategy in today’s digital landscape. Global Reach can develop a custom intranet to meet your business's specific needs and branding!

What Is A Company Intranet?

Intranet solutions are a secure, private virtual network for businesses and organizations, accessible only to their employees/members. Intranet CMS solutions create a centralized digital workspace for employees to collaborate and share information and resources. 

Modern intranets help streamline, centralize, and improve a business's ability to communicate, collaborate, and access information and tools. Any industry from banks, law firms, hospitals, nonprofits, and everything in between can benefit immensely from a business intranet solution. 

Benefits Of Intranet Software

Intranets provide a wide variety of benefits for businesses that save time and money, increase efficiency, and improve the employee experience. Intranet benefits stem from the advantages that a digital workplace brings to any company, in any industry, of any size.

Find & Share Information Easier & Faster

Intranets by Global ReachWith an employee intranet, your team members have a one-stop shop for finding and sharing information. A discussion board can be a faster, more informal way to discuss projects. A staff directory makes it easy to locate other employees' contact information. And the list goes on! No matter what resource you are trying to share or information you are trying to communicate, an intranet makes internal communication faster, easier, and overall more efficient.

Improves Communication

Intranets by Global ReachBeing able to send messages, assign tasks, and comment on ongoing work from one platform makes communication faster and simpler. Since intranets can house a wide variety of information and tools in one platform, employees can find the information they are looking for, without having to ask. These communication system features can also help eliminate the need for meetings and/or increase the efficiency of meetings.

Better File Management

Intranets by Global ReachA secure intranet allows you to store all of your company's files in one centralized, digital location. Managers can assign certain permission to each employee so that sensitive files can only be accessed by approved employees. General files such as HR materials, company policies, client information, and more can all be quickly and easily accessed by anyone who needs them. 
This also prevents employees' computers from becoming cluttered with tons of files, which can potentially create storage issues. Centralized, digital files also reduce the need for physically printed files, saving money and helping the environment. 

Increases Employee Engagement & Fosters A Positive Company Culture

Intranets by Global ReachEngaged and informed employees are vital to a productive, collaborative, and happy working environment. By creating one common, easily accessible space that houses an abundance of company information, more employees are likely to read and interact with important resources. Additionally, creating an environment where employees from different locations, departments, and positions can easily interact is vital for strong company culture.  

Intranets allow every employee to contribute and have their voice heard. This also helps create an open and transparent culture where all employees have access to the same information and can easily communicate with any member of the company.  Intranet features like employee compliments and kudos also empower employees to encourage each other and interact in a more meaningful way. Having one place where employees can easily get their questions answered, share information, and connect with their co-workers makes for happier, less stressed, and more productive employees. 

Simplifies Member Management

Intranets by Global ReachA company intranet streamlines and organizes membership management in a more efficient and simplified way. Vacation requests can be submitted, approved, and then displayed on the company calendar. Employees can easily view other employees of the company, their position, and contact information. Team members can easily see what meetings are on the shared company calendar and who all is in each meeting. Intranet platforms boast a wide variety of features that make membership management easier and better organized. 

Increases Productivity & Collaboration, Streamlines Workflow

Intranets by Global ReachCompany intranet solutions can dramatically improve employee productivity. Intranets can also help streamline workflow and improve project management. Intranets allow employees to track ongoing projects in real-time to monitor progress, resolve issues, and communicate needs. Multiple employees can easily work on the same project, assigning tasks, sharing resources, looping in other departments, and so much more. 

Having a centralized, resource-rich digital employee experience allows for better collaboration and feedback. Message boards, shared resources, task assignments, calendar invites, and more allow employees to quickly and easily collaborate on multiple projects at the same time and give feedback. A project can easily be created and assigned to specific employees, who can then work on it together. Once a project or task is completed, it can then be submitted for approval and billed to a client, all within the intranet software. 

SiteViz Intranets: An All-In-One Intranet Solution 

Our highly flexible, super scalable, and easy-to-use intranet will feel like a custom development solution, but without the cost. Every SiteViz intranet is designed to match your own brand so you can maintain brand consistency within your employee intranet. Our award-winning web design and web development teams offer a feature-rich, mobile-responsive intranet solution to meet any need you may have.

Global Reach has developed many secure intranets for professional organizations across a wide variety of industries. Using our extensive experience in combination with an existing library of code, we can provide you with a robust intranet at a fraction of the cost of developing it from scratch. Learn more about the robust intranet features SiteViz offers! 

See How Intranet Can Revolutionize Your Business!

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