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AJS Launches New Website About State Judicial Selection Processes

October 4, 2007

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(Des Moines, Iowa) The American Judicature Society (AJS) recently launched their Judicial Selection in the States website. The website, developed by Global Reach, gives comprehensive and objective information about judicial selection and retention in the United States.

"With the 2008 judicial election season nearing, the AJS wanted to create a website that would help inform the public about the selection process for judges in each state," said Iacovos Zachariades, President of Global Reach. "We were able to take their ideas and build a site that would be beneficial to constituents in every state across the nation."

The Judicial Selection in the States website,, has an integrated flash map that makes it easy and fun for visitors to select their state and learn about their court system. After selecting their state, website visitors can learn about their method of judicial selection, the diversity of their courts, the history of reforms to their judiciary, and judicial campaigns and elections in their state.

"We wanted to provide comprehensive and objective information about judicial selection and retention in the United States," said Malia Reddick, Director of Research and Programs, American Judicature Society. "Global Reach helped us to make this possible. They designed a website that is both easy to use and interesting to our audience."

Bert Brandenburg, Executive Director of the Justice at Stake Campaign, has described the website as a "very strong product" and an "extremely useful resource."

The site features an area where visitors can view the results of polls and surveys that have been conducted about their judicial system. This allows website visitors to gauge citizens' and judges' opinions about the judicial system and its selection process.

It also features a timeline of reform efforts that have taken place in each state, a description of methods for selecting, retaining, and removing judges in each state, a chart with the number of women and minority judges on each state’s courts, and an overview of the rules that govern the conduct and financing of judicial elections.

About AJS: Founded in 1913, the American Judicature Society is a nonpartisan organization with a national membership of judges, lawyers, and other citizens interested in improving our nation's courts and the administration of justice. The AJS mission is to ensure a fair, impartial, independent judiciary; improve the criminal justice process; educate the public, and build confidence in the justice system.

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