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Global Reach Creates the Tech Hub Website for Iowa Students

October 6, 2008

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Global Reach Internet Productions has proudly launched the innovative, cutting-edge website, Global Reach was commissioned by the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI), to create a website that would be used as an electronic “tech hub” for Iowa students, with additional versions targeted towards ambassadors, teachers, and parents. The new website will be used as a tool to raise interest and awareness of the growing Iowa technology industry, contributing to the long-term goal of encouraging and retaining technology college students and graduates.

“HyperStream was a great project to work on because it utilized many of Global Reach’s strengths in creativity and innovative custom web development, combined with TAI’s unique vision for Iowa’s Millenial generation and the future of our high-technology industry,” said Iacovos Zachariades, President and CEO of Global Reach. The website will supplement the HyperStream Ambassador program, which is scheduled to begin today, October 1st. Enhanced with a student-fueled technology wiki, blog, discussion forums, and member profiles, this website is educational as well as a great social networking tool for Iowa students.

“HyperStream, in creating technology passion and awareness, is destined to become a successful, national model. The website created by Global Reach will be a strong representation of this goal, as well as essentially being an intuitive, versatile platform,” said Leann Jacobson, president of TAI. will be a constantly evolving resource for its audience, mirroring the growth and trends of Iowa’s technology industry. These resources will include company profiles, technology competitions, industry leader interviews, and much more.

About Technology Association of Iowa: TAI is a member-based, not-for-profit organization accelerating the success of Iowa’s technology industry. TAI works to create and sustain a positive environment for technology-based economic growth and job creation through innovation, advocacy, and leadership. TAI members include organizations of every size - involved in virtually every aspect of technology creation, production, application, and education in Iowa. More information about the TAI can be found at its web site, located at

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