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Global Reach Powers Educational Insurance Website for Indemnus and Allied

June 26, 2007

With a growing number of recent college graduates, Global Reach launched an educational insurance website for INDEMNUS and Allied that is designed to catch the attention of young college graduates who are forced to choose an insurance company for the first time.

The website,, was a project of INDEMNUS Insurance, in partnership with Allied Insurance, with the purpose of creating more awareness on the part of college students about insurance. “Our hope is that young users will take advantage of the resources that are on the website and find INDEMNUS and Allied along the way,” said Chad Davis, president of INDEMNUS.

“Allied and INDEMNUS wanted to create a site that would appeal to young users,” said Dale Bentlage, vice president for business development of Global Reach. “We were able to create a variety of tools that would fit the needs of our audience.”

The website allows users to learn about insurance through a combination of these features. The site includes a “What’s My Stuff Worth?” renter’s insurance calculator, a “What If?” question and answer section and a “Take the Test” auto insurance quiz that allows users to see how well they understand insurance.

The site also features a live chat option, which allows visitors to use instant messaging to submit questions to an INDEMNUS representative. In addition, users may visit a podcast page, “Stories of the Unimaginable,” where they can download MP3 files of bizarre insurance stories and sign up for periodic e-mail alerts notifying them when a new podcast is posted.

“INDEMNUS came to us with the vision of a website that would be able to maximize the Internet’s potential to reach college students,” said Iacovos Zachariades, president of Global Reach. “We collaborated with them and made that vision possible.”

About INDEMNUS: INDEMNUS is a Des Moines, Iowa based insurance company that offers auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners’ insurance, and commercial business insurance products. As an independent agent and broker, they work to find the best insurance value for their clients. The motivation for INDEMNUS is to do things differently than most independent insurance agencies and clearly different than their direct marketing counterparts.

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