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Global Reach Provides Alerts Content Region for Updated COVID-19 News

April 16, 2020

Ames, Ia

As COVID-19 forces companies across industries to adapt and evolve the ways in which they conduct business and communicate with clients, Global Reach Internet Productions has unveiled a new alerts functionality for websites along with a new Information and Assistance page.

The “Alerts Content Region” is a service for clients who require alert banner functionality to direct website visitors to important information and updates within their websites. This functionality was further outlined on Global Reach’s website with a page that also provides a list of clients currently utilizing this functionality.

COVID-19 Graphic

The COVID-19 Information and Assistance page is a frequently updated collection of articles that includes the latest business news, strategies, best practices, resources, and relevant information to help clients thrive in these difficult times. The page also allows visitors to subscribe to posts to always stay up to date with important and relevant information.

For more information, please contact Global Reach.

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