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RACOM Launches New Website with Global Reach

April 28, 2016

Ames, Iowa – This April, Iowa web firm Global Reach partnered with RACOM Corporation to design and develop a brand new responsive website. 

RACOM, an emergency communications company out of Marshalltown, Iowa, delivers mission-critical solutions to the emergency response industry. As a communications technology company, RACOM’s previous website did not adequately illustrate the cutting-edge communication and response products offered by the company. The products were not organized in an intuitive way and navigating the website on mobile was clunky. 

With the help of Global Reach, RACOM launched a new website this April, which was designed and developed using responsive design. The new website brings life to the products and technological capabilities offered by RACOM by establishing a modern, innovative tone, both in design and in function.  Users in every field of emergency response, from Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMT’s, to PSAP/Control Rooms or Utility & Public Services, can easily locate the solutions most relevant to their field of work. 

In addition to utilizing Global Reach’s design and development expertise, RACOM also made use of the Iowa web firm’s on-staff photographer, Dinko Ibukic, who traveled to RACOM’s headquarters in Marshalltown for a photoshoot. 

“I enjoyed the photo session and the entire project because it brought together a lot of the things I’m personally passionate about and interested in – design, photography and cars,” said Dinko, “The photos we were after did pose some challenges technically because the flashing police lights are nearly impossible to capture synchronized into a single photo. A lot of the final images were a composite of multiple frames of the same scene that stacked together to make one final image. To really accentuate specific features of the RACOM1 truck, we would focus our lighting on one part of the truck for each photo (like front grill, tires, rims, etc.) and then stack the images later into one composited scene. Once the final composite of the truck was created, we further enhanced it with the motion blur - making the truck appear as if it was speeding down the street, when in fact it was stationary the whole time.”

Later this year, RACOM plans to launch an ecommerce section within the new website, and are currently working closely with Global Reach to complete the project.


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