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Stephanis Reports E-Commerce Success Following Major Integration Project From Global Reach

April 30, 2021

Stephanis is the largest electronic retail chain in Cyprus, with seven brick-and-mortar shops throughout Cyprus, a staff of 230 people, and outstanding growth over 60 years! Stephanis offers a full range of electronics including telecommunication, television, computer, gaming, appliance, and energy products.

With such extraordinary growth, Global Reach developed their state-of-the-art e-shop using SiteViz and integrating it fully into the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for the seamless synchronization of products, inventory availability per store, prices, pricing policies, promotions, orders, customers and Stephanis loyalty program. 

After a failed attempt to integrate the system with CMS provider Kentico, Stephanis reached out to Global Reach. Seeing that Global Reach was already providing hosting and content management services for Stephanis, the project began promptly in February of 2019.

The project was led by operations manager Michael Leontiou and executed by award-winning software developers Ramon Keoroghlouian, Michael Massalas, and Savvas Michael. 
The new fully integrated website went live on August 18th, 2020 and is now considered the most complete and reliable e-commerce system in Cyprus. 

With glowing reviews from Stephanis employees, the scope and depth of the project proved to be well worth the effort. During the rush of Black Friday in 2020, one employee remarked,

"We are extremely pleased with the new website and we cannot keep up with orders. It is so reliable and stable that it goes straight and fast like a bullet."

Before the launch, developer Ramon Keoroghlouian shared that the project was a challenge for the team, saying the project was "by far the most complicated e-commerce system we have ever done." Despite the complex scope of the integration, the new system has held up successfully over the past six months and has even garnered praise from customers. 

Customer feedback has highlighted the speed and organization of the online shopping platform, in addition to its overall user-friendly design. Two customers said,

"the search mechanism is extremely flexible and allows me to easily find a product I am looking for even if I do a partial name search." 

 "the website is reliable and does not crash like the old one did during high volume days (Black Friday, holidays and other sale events)."

As Stephanis continues to utilize SiteViz as its e-commerce platform, it is expected that the system will allow for increased online sales and market growth. 

Global Reach has a 25-year record of innovative and successful development solutions. For more information on this project or to learn about Global Reach's web integration services, please reach out at the contact information provided below. 

For More Information:

Iacovos Zachariades
Global Reach Internet Productions

Phone: (515) 996-0996

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