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5 Common Social Media Terms

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  1. Connections: It’s used on LinkedIn and it refers to the people that you are connected to, similar to Facebook “friends”. Connect to people you know or work with to build your LinkedIn network of connections.
  2. #ff: This is short for #FollowFriday on Twitter. On Fridays, many users give little “shout outs” by tweeting #ff and then tagging friends or coworkers in the post. This is meant as a recommendation, identifying Twitter accounts that are worth following.
  3. Trending: On Twitter, this refers to a phrase or word that is most popular at any given time. For social media, it’s important to keep an eye on trending topics and incorporate them into your own posts.
  4. QR Code: This is a bar code that can be scanned by most smart phones. QR Codes can be used on promotional materials to give users quick access to a website.
  5. Vlog: A blog made entirely of videos. Video + Blog = Vlog.


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