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What to Share on Social Media

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What your company should be sharing on social media

You’ve set up your social media accounts and gained the attention of a few followers, but now what? In order to benefit from all that social media has to offer, it’s important to stay active within the various channels you have a presence on. Seems simple enough, yes?

Until it’s time to compose a post and you draw a blank.

No need to stress! We are here to help! Create a balanced social media voice by utilizing these 3 types of sharing:

Company Updates:

People have liked and followed your company’s social media pages for a reason; they are interested in what’s going on with your business! This is why it’s important to keep your followers up-to-date with all of your latest news and developments. Do this by sharing some of the following types of content:

  • Company News
    Share your company’s achievements, awards, and milestones. This is where you are allowed to brag and create a positive buzz around your brand.

  • Company Activity
    Update followers about events, conferences and trade shows you’re attending or hosting. This is a great way to generate excitement, promote engagement, and get people interested in the events your business is participating in.
  • Company Generated Content
    Share your company’s blogs, newsletters or articles. If you don't currently have a blog or a newsletter, it's time to put a content strategy to work for you. Company generated content is a great way to prove your credibility, and social media is a great way to humbly spread the word about it.

Global Reach shares company anniversary to provide a company update to followers

Industry and Community Related Topics:

Jumping into conversations and sharing content from your community or industry are great ways to show you're involved and care about more than just your own business. It's also a great means to show your relevance and position within your industry. Engaging with industry and community peers creates awareness and confirms to your customers that you are informed and knowledgeable. Accomplish this point by trying out some of the below engagement and posting tactics:

  • Share Relevant News
    Share articles, videos or pictures relating to the current events happening in your industry and the surrounding community. This shows followers that you care about more than just "closing a sale." It shows you are an involved member of your industry/community and are there to make connections, maintain relationships, and engage with friends.
  • Get Involved
    Comment, like, or share the posts of others. It shows you aren't self-absorbed and have a genuine interest in the content that other people and pages are bringing to the social sphere! By acknowledging the conversations or achievements of others, you're also creating some goodwill for your brand.

Global Reach shares community related news

Promotional Content:

Social media is a great (and easy) way to promote your products and services. Promoting your brand through these channels increases the opportunity that you'll reach more people and generate more leads. Chances are, many of your followers are already your customers and are interested in what you have to offer. Take advantage of this and use social media as a platform to self-promote:

  • Company Products and Services
    Promote your current or new product offerings with links directing users to where they can learn more about them. A word of caution: A little promotional content goes a long way. Too much, and you risk your followers blocking your content from their social feeds completely.
  • Sales & Discounts
    Share and promote your company’s time sensitive specials. Create urgency to increase the leads gathered through your social channels. Again, approach with caution. Too much of this kind of content will do more harm than good.

Global Reach shares recently launched websites

Combining these 3 types of sharing will set you on the right path to creating a strong social media presence for your business. Always remember, every business is different, so experiment with your posts and take note when something is working or not working. Before you know it, you'll start to see some serious buzz around your brand.


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