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Snapchat: The New Marketing Frontier

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More brands and businesses are finding their place on Snapchat every day. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here’s the 411: People or brands can send photos and videos, dubbed 'snaps,' to their friends. Once opened, snaps can be viewed for up to 10 seconds before they disappear forever.

Though people have been using the app religiously since its inception in 2011, its segue into the marketing landscape has been a bit of a slow gold rush. Only the bravest of marketers have set out with the hopes of hitting paydirt on this lesser explored platform, and while being that brave can be scary, the pay off can be grand. Fun filters, hilarious face-swapping effects, and many other addictive functions have made Snapchat madly successful, creating an extremely loyal and engaged band of users who are passionate about the platform.

So why wouldn't you want in on all of this excitement? Stop making excuses and read these 5 reasons your brand should start snapping today!

The Kids Love It!

Trying to connect with generation Z? Or even millennials? Snapchat is where it’s at! Snapchat has 200 million users, and of those, 71% of them are below the age of 34. Another 45% fall within the 18-24 range. So if you’re trying to capture the attention of a younger audience, don’t disregard Snapchat as an option. 

It was made for Mobile

Unlike other social media platforms which were created with desktop users in mind, but later adapted to mobile, Snapchat was made for mobile! Odds are, your users are on the go and spend very little time on a PC anyway. Snapchat gives you an optimal platform to engage your users in the place they spend most of their time: their phones! 

Users don’t Fear for their Privacy

With other social channels, privacy is becoming a major concern. However, users can rest a lot easier when using Snapchat. Not only are snaps deleted seconds after they are opened, but it is incredibly simple for users to be selective about what information they share and who they share it with. 

In-The-Moment Interactions

Facebook has tried to capitalize on in-the-moment marketing via their new ‘Facebook Live’ feature. Twitter pioneered the hashtag and the ‘What’s Trending’ strategies. But so far, Snapchat takes the cake when it comes to promoting in-the-moment content. Nothing says instant, in-the-moment exposure like a fun and engaging snap sent off-the-cuff! Additionally, content with an expiration creates a sense of urgency, so promoting deals or contests through Snapchat can help to drive more immediate participation!

Great for Early Adapters 

No social media platform has done a better job than Snapchat when it comes to rolling out new and exciting features. Users have long complained that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continually rob and borrow features from one another, almost reinventing the wheel from channel to channel. For weary social media users, Snapchat is a breath of fresh air, known for introducing unique, never before seen features that users gladly adopt and love. From filters and face-swapping, to stories and even messages that disappear once read, no other platform provides this level of excitement.

So take a risk and experiment with Snapchat for your next marketing campaign. It could be the boost your brand has been waiting for!


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