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5 Social Media Resolutions for 2014

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For all of you gutsy social media marketers, a new year means it is time to make some social media resolutions! In the world of social media, finding new ways to improve and expand on your social media strategy is never a difficult task. Social landscapes change and new platforms are emerging all the time, leaving plenty of work for us to do. So, what kinds of resolutions should you have for your social media strategy this year? Here are a few of our own ideas that will hopefully motivate and inspire you.

  1. Try a New Platform: Trying out a brand new platform can be a bit scary. In fact, it can be downright frightening. You might find yourself questioning if you are even qualified to commit to such a dangerous endeavor. Nonsense! You are a social media marketer. It’s your job to pioneer the use of new platforms. So rip the bandage off and give a new platform a try. With a little research, experimentation, and confidence, you might find that this “risky resolution” can render high rewards. Expanding your business into new platforms can help you increase exposure, reach new audiences, and even generate new sales leads.
  2. Go Behind the Scenes: It never seems to fail that the most popular content, in our personal experience, seems to be ‘behind the scenes’ content. Company culture related photos and posts drive a lot of engagement. People are on social media websites to be social, and posts highlighting the unique culture of your company will showcase the social side of your work environment. Doing this also eludes an air of transparency, making your business appear more credible. Make it a goal to post more behind the scenes photos and invite your followers see your company from the inside out.
  3. Serve as a Resource to your Audience: One major thing we learned this year came from attending Social Brand Forum 2013. The prevailing message at this conference was to strive to be a resource to your audience. This means you should aim to share content that your audience will appreciate or relate to, be it funny, informative, or useful. If you can provide the kind of content that your users find valuable and are excited to see, your audience will have a reason to keep coming back to your page. Make it a goal this year to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and give them the content they want to see.
  4. Get Visual: Visual platforms (Instagram, Snapchat) will own the social media scene in 2014. Even though the development of Facebook and Twitter was not centered around the concept of image sharing, people will still favor visual content within these less visually centered platforms. Strive to incorporate eye-catching images or photos into your daily updates whenever you can.
  5. Engage More: We sometimes focus so much on our own pages that we forget to engage with the pages of others, but nobody likes listening to people who only talk about themselves. Make it a resolution to join the online conversations of others at least a few times a week. Retweet, favorite, mention, comment, like; do whatever you can to show that you take an interest in and appreciate the content of others. You might be surprised how many loyal customers you can win by engaging them in online conversations.


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