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Why Social Media is Essential for Any Business

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Many people are still stuck in the mindset that social media isn’t right for their particular business. Excuses include “My business is too small," “My business isn’t interesting enough,” or the popular, “I don’t know how I would use social media for my business.” We are here to tell you that no matter what your business or your experience level are, a social media presence can and will help you spread the word about your brand! Why? Here are a few reasons:

Build relationships with your clients.

Social media provides opportunities for your clients to engage with you. It facilitates direct conversation with your fans and customers, allowing you to get to know them like never before. Create a voice and personality for your company, and use it to answer questions and build trusting relationships. Where should you start? Do some research and find out what channels your current customers are using most. Then, follow suit and go where they are!

Keep up with your competition.

Chances are your competition is already using social media to their advantage. Not having a presence on social media is a sure way to fall behind. Jump on board and dive into the world of likes, shares and retweets. And if your competition is not currently using social media, use this as an opportunity to create a competitive advantage for your company. Social media is unique in that you don't need a large budget to make a big impact. Small companies with minimal marketing budgets are able to compete with bigger companies by leveraging social media, so use this to your advantage!

Take advantage of free (or low cost) marketing.

Though it may require cost in the form of time, no monetary budget is required beyond that. If for no other reason, take advantage of social media as a less costly form of advertising for your business. Whether your goal is to spread the news about your company, create a branding strategy, or get your content shared, social media will help to support and achieve those goals without having to (necessarily) commit to an advertising budget.

For businesses that do want to take their social strategy a step further, the option of running a pay-per-click campaign is offered by many social platforms. Most will allow you to set your own budget, meaning you can pay as much or as little as you like to increase both impressions and engagement.

Be it paid or organic, businesses on a budget can leverage social media to develop a strong and likeable brand voice which people are moved to engage with.

Reach potential clients.

Just like your current customers, your potential customers are on social media too. Every time you create a post on social media, you are creating an opportunity to reach new clients. The more your content is talked about and shared, the larger an audience it will reach. You'll soon be able to attract customers you weren’t able to reach before, so use social channels as lead generators; drive prospects to your website where they can really get to know your company and maybe even decide to do business with you!

Help search engines find you.

Google and other search engines take social signals into high consideration when determining where your website will be positioned in search results. Google has stated that social signals are a ranking factor, point blank. End of story. This should be reason enough for you to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, your search engine optimization strategy isn't really complete without a social media strategy also in place. Capitalize on higher search engine rankings by making your presence known on social media!


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