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Google's Mobilegeddon Strikes Back

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Google’s Mobile Announcement

Just a few weeks ago, Google announced via their Webmaster Blog, that they will be making some changes to their ranking algorithm. The latest update will essentially strengthen the already existing ranking factor of mobile-friendliness. 

Experiencing some déjà vu? You are not crazy. You probably recall this time last year when the search giant made a similar announcement prior to rolling out the popularly dubbed, “Mobilegeddon” update in April. 

In Google’s Defense…

With the second coming of Mobilegeddon approaching sometime in May, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is not a trend. Mobile is here to stay, and websites that want to stay relevant will need to jump on the bandwagon. 

Updates like this one are leaving many webmasters frustrated, but with so much changing in technology, they shouldn't be all that surprised. As virtual assistants, conversational search, AMP, (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and many other projects aim to make the web a more accessible (and all-around better) place for users, it’s only logical that Google would continue to crack down on websites that provide poor experiences. 

Earn a Spot in Google’s Marketplace

Google is in the business of connecting its users with quality information quickly. If a website fails to do that for a large portion of its users, (*ahem* mobile users) then what motivation does Google have to display your pages in search results? 

At the end of the day, your website is a product in the Google marketplace. Just as inventors or entrepreneurs have to earn a spot for their products on store shelves, webmasters need to earn a spot for their website in search results. It will never be in the store’s best interest to sell broken products, and it will never be in Google’s best interest to show webpages that don’t bring value or function well for users.

So what does this mean for you? It means it’s time to consider your users – all of them - and accommodate them appropriately.

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