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Getting the Most from Google+

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Google+ and SEO

As anyone who’s spent time working on their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy knows, Google+ is a key component in website rankings. Google continues to strive to keep their social network alive, even though it may seem like there are a lot of people who don't know or don't care about it. As a result, having a good Google+ profile is almost as important to website ranking as keywords, metadata, and all those other SEO terms you’ve heard tossed around.

Here are three steps you can take to help you get the most from your Google+ page.

  1. Be active.
    You should post to Google+ frequently, at least every 72 hours. Many platforms for managing social media allow you to schedule posts or even automatically post the content you post on Facebook to your Google+ page.
  2. Be social.
    Build your audience – add people to your circles and get added to theirs. Engage with posts on other pages.
  3. Be reviewed (positively).
    Rumor has it that for every 10 positive reviews your business gets, you get a bump in your Google search ranking. Be careful, though; an influx in reviews is seen by Google as being spammy and can negatively affect your rankings.

If the thought of taking on yet another social media platform has you breaking out in hives, consider hiring a professional social media marketer or strategist. They can guide you by creating an editorial calendar and topic ideas for you to work with, or be as hands on as coming up with content and posting on your behalf.


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