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4 Steps Toward Safer Management of Your Login Information

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So much happens online today. Whether you are shopping, checking your bank account, or just reading your emails, most of these activities require some sort of exchange of personal information. It is becoming increasingly important for this information exchange to happen in a safe and secure manner. According to results from a survey commissioned by Dashlane and conducted online by Harris Interactive, 3 out of 5 people feel vulnerable to being hacked. Nevertheless, these same people continue to engage in risky online behavior. In fact, the survey found that 69% of these people are using the same usernames and passwords for multiple online accounts. We understand that this is much easier than creating and remembering separate logins. On the other hand, however, creating separate logins is a lot easier than dealing with identity theft. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here are 4 steps you can take toward safer AND easier management of your login information:

Step 1: Buy a notebook. It is impossible to remember all of your login information without writing it down. Keep it at home. Store it in a place where only you will know where and what it is. Record all necessary login information for each of your online accounts.

Step 2: Keep your notebook safe. Treat it as you would treat your social security card. NEVER leave home with it. You can imagine the damage it could do if in the wrong hands.

Step 3: Update your notebook. Any time you create a new account, get in the habit of recording all necessary information immediately. Avoid creating accounts when you are not in the same vicinity as your notebook. Not only are you more likely to update your notebook when you are near it, but it is also less safe to create new accounts in public settings.

Step 4: Regularly change your passwords. This could be the most time consuming part of safely managing your logins, but it is crucial. Every few months, set aside a time to change the passwords on your old accounts and update your notebook.
Some of this may sound unnecessary at first, but it could save you some major headaches down the road. A little time managing your passwords each month could prevent you from having to deal with the stressful and long lasting effects of identity theft.


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