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Free Apps that Boost Productivity

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It has been said that technology, mobile technology in particular, has hindered our ability to focus on one topic at a time...but that just makes us better at multitasking, right? Like playing Candy Crush while watching TV? In all seriousness, whether at work or home, all of the distractions and extremely busy lifestyles may seem overwhelming. The good news is that there are applications available to help you organize and plan better!

Evernote- Using Evernote you can remember everything. It gives you the ability to make quick notes on topics that you encounter throughout the day and organizes them into easily manageable notebooks, all in one location. Whether it be taking notes during class, meetings at work, or researching at home, Evernote automatically saves your information.

Dragon Mobile Assistant- Looking for an assistant? Dragon Mobile Assistant gives you a personal assistant to help you multitask. You will have access to the social world surrounding you without having to use your hands or eyes. Dragon Mobile Assistant will take verbal commands and read your texts, emails, updates, and calls aloud.

Make Me- If you are looking for an application that is fun and productive, Make Me is for you! Make Me connects your to-do list with a game that you can play with anyone you choose. Whether you are looking to stay in shape, learn something new, or blog routinely, you can individualize your goals into reality. If someone on the team does not meet a goal, then the whole team will be delayed. The more goals you reach, the closer you get to the finish line.

Doodle- Doodle is a simple app that gives you the ability to see everyone’s schedule at the same time, therefore helping to avoid booking conflicts. It will show your calendars in an easy format and will sync to calendars you've already created through many different email sources.

Pocket- Find an article, video, or song that you would love to look into but time isn’t allowing you? With Pocket you can save the items that you want to view or listen to at a later date. It is user friendly and understands that sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Mint- Logging into all of your accounts for reviewing your banking habits can take a long time, especially if you have multiple accounts, loans, credit cards, or investments to keep track of.  By using Mint you are able to see all of your accounts in one place at one time, conserving time and energy.


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