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Easily Manage Your Real Estate Listings with PropertyFusion

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It’s easy to fall behind on the Internet. Technology moves swiftly and websites can easily get buried by the competition. At Global Reach, we are dedicated to providing high-quality web applications that keep up with the latest trends in web technology. One of our products that received special attention recently is PropertyFusion, our real estate management solution.

When we set out on this project, the intention was to create an application that was designed to meet modern web standards. Taking into account the experience of so many PropertyFusion customers, we reorganized the navigation of PropertyFusion and implemented an efficiency-focused design that places the most used actions at the user’s fingertips for quick and easy access. Agents can spend less time administering listings on the website and more time selling listings.

On top of a beautiful, intuitive new design, we managed to make big performance improvements both in terms of the speed of the application and how quickly listings get from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) provider onto your website. Users should notice significant decreases in page load times when using PropertyFusion. We reworked the application’s framework from the ground up and thought carefully about what resources we serve to the user on each page load. Reducing the number of resources your browser has to handle directly reduces the page’s overall loading time. This makes for a faster application and a more pleasing experience from the user’s perspective. Gone are the days of waiting 5-6 seconds for a page to load. In most cases, PropertyFusion will load before you can reach for your cup of coffee.

We’ve built in some new features, and reworked some older ones that users found difficult to use or hard to understand. The ability to “drag and drop” to reorder listing photos, and an easy-to-use listing brochure builder top the list of exciting new features packed into the new PropertyFusion. Users will also find a calendar showing their upcoming house showings and open houses. All of these intuitive new features are geared toward making PropertyFusion your one and only stop for managing your real estate listings.


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