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Spice Up Your Web Content with a Digital Flipbook

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Need a fresh and exciting new way to display your company’s brochures, monthly publications, or magazines? Global Reach can help by incorporating various marketing materials into your website in the form of a digital flipbook. Digital flipbooks (or flipbooks) are exactly what they sound like--a digital pamphlet that you can flip through on your computer screen. Flipbooks are a great way to amp up the pizzazz of your website’s content without putting in a lot of extra time on the publication itself.

To create a flipbook, simply send your PDF, SWF, video or image file to Global Reach and let us do the rest. We can customize your flipbook in several ways. For example, we can link to your Google Analytics account, design custom backgrounds, add links or display the information in a mobile/tablet format.

Besides the clear benefit of a professional and streamlined appearance, our flipbooks allow your website visitors to do the following:

  • Share the flipbook via link or email
  • Click on links within the publication
  • Print out a hard copy of the publication
  • Select and jump to view a particular page
  • View the flipbook in full screen format
  • And much more!

For more information on how to add a flipbook to your website, contact our support department at


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