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SEO + Social Media: A Love Story

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There have been many rumors claiming that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dead. To any SEO specialists who have questioned their job security, breathe easy. We have some good news: SEO is not dead. In fact, it is far from it.

However, it would be accurate to say that SEO as we’ve known it is dead. Gone are the days when SEO meant filling pages with exact match keywords or engaging in spammy link exchanges. These once widely accepted tactics will not work anymore. Doing well in rankings now requires far more than just on-page optimization. SEO goes way beyond Google, Bing, or whatever other search engines people use to find the information they are seeking. You may think, “What else can I do?” Here’s a start: Change the acronym for SEO. Stop thinking of it as ‘Search Engine Optimization,’ and instead think of it as ‘Search Experience Optimization.’ When you start to consider the experiences users have when finding and interacting with your brand, you begin to realize that there is more that goes into SEO than just getting people to your website. Once they get there, you want them to stay there, and people will only stay if you give them content that is unique and relevant to their needs.

Now, we’ll have to take the idea of 'relevancy' a step further, because even if you’ve managed to maintain relevancy to your audience, it is still only a portion of a successful SEO equation. Once a user discovers your brand and/or your website, you want them to come back, and you want them to do so over and over again. You want them to get to know you and you want to get to know them. You want to develop and nurture positive relationships with them. You want them to be your fan. Now enters the social media aspect: Not only does a social media presence heighten brand awareness and visibility, but it also serves as a valuable platform for developing lasting and loyal customer relationships through online conversations. It’s these things -  the relationships and camaraderie - that make loyal customers and keep them coming back for more.

To say social media is an optional part of a complete SEO strategy is absurd. Conversely, to say SEO is not a part of a complete social media strategy is equally absurd. There should be no tug of war between them, as they are really just two sides to the same coin - a match made in heaven. Learn to use them together, or get left behind.


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