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How to Create Viral Content

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make your content go viral

When we talk about “virality” in the web industry, we mean popularity. If something you have written has gone “viral,” it means it has gotten a lot of attention online, especially via social media platforms. What do we mean by attention? Well, attention can come in the form of Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram likes, +1’s from Google Plus, and having your post be favorited on Twitter. Or, better yet, if the content you’ve written receives comments and is shared, retweeeted or pinned by others, the number of people who will see your post increases significantly. Whether you are writing content for a social media platform, your website or both, the goal should be to achieve a high level of sharing.

So what is it that makes content viral? This is a question for which you will probably get a wide range of answers. Some will tell you there is no concrete way to do this and that it is all based on luck. This is wrong. Even though there is no magic formula that can guarantee that your content will go viral every time you share it, there are a number of ways to enhance its shareability. Here are some tips you can implement to increase the likelihood that your posts and content will go viral.

  • Compose content that is thought-provoking and asks questions. People love to give their opinions. Create content that makes people think outside of their usual perspective. Ask questions and ask for opinions.
  • Stay current. Nothing is more shareable than the “This Just In…” kind of content. Incorporate news and current events whenever possible. Not only does this show that you are knowledgeable, up-to-date, and credible, it also enhances the likelihood that your news and info will be shared by others.
  • Create content that evokes an emotional response. People enjoy sharing emotional experiences with other people. Emotion drives people to action, and online that action will take the form of Comments, Likes, or Shares. Whether it is happy, funny, exciting, or inspiring, content that causes an emotional reaction from readers is much more likely to be shared.
  • Use visuals to enhance your content. People do not like reading lengthy and text-heavy content. Make sure that what you write reaches out to the visual learner that exists in all of us. Break up content that is text heavy with images, or create infographics. Infographics are the perfect way to incorporate eye-catching graphics with useful and interesting information.
  • Most importantly, be a resource to your audience. Find out what your audience wants to see and read. People like to seem knowledgeable and updated. If they can provide their own audience with valuable information, it gives them a sense of credibility among their peers. So, it is your job to provide the informative content your audience will want to pass on. It’s a win-win situation; not only is your content useful and informative to your audience, but more people will see it when they share it.

Do you need some further direction when it comes to content writing, or maybe you just want someone to take content creation off of your plate? Either way, we can help. Contact the Internet Marketing team at Global Reach to get started writing and sharing potentially viral content today.


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