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We are excited to celebrate our 30th year of business in 2025, and to show our appreciation to the community, we are giving away six FREE websites to Iowa-based organizations. Click here to apply to be considered for the giveaway.


How to Help Us to Better Serve You

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One of the many advantages of working with Global Reach is having access to our dedicated support team. Reaching out to us at will put you in touch with knowledgeable staff members who are committed to helping you. Whether you have encountered an issue or are simply in need of a website update, our support team is here to make sure your requests are taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

When our support team receives a report that something on your website is not working as expected, the first thing we do is try to recreate what you are experiencing. Receiving all of the details up front allows us to do this much more quickly. Reports such as, “Our homepage is broken,” or “I can’t upload files,” tells us that something may be wrong, but further information will likely be needed. To help us to better serve you, please review the suggestions below about the specific information our support team is looking for.

  • Where are you experiencing difficulty? If you are able to send us a link to a specific page, or a path to a specific directory, it will save us time having to search through your website. This can be especially helpful if your company has multiple domains.
  • Who is experiencing an issue? We need to know if it’s your customers that are experiencing difficulty or if it is your administrators that are running into problems. Usernames and passwords to accounts are always helpful.
  • What exactly is the problem? Telling us the error code, sending a screen shot, or providing click-by-click instructions on how to recreate what you are experiencing really helps to speed up the troubleshooting process. Also, letting us know right away which browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, for example) you are using is very helpful. And if you really want to make our day, you can let us know which version you are using as well.
  • When did the issue first start? Knowing if the problem has been ongoing, intermittent, or just appeared a moment ago is immensely helpful to us.

Those of us who work on the support team enjoy helping our clients. It is a challenging and fulfilling role in our company as every website and every situation is unique. Anything that allows us to eliminate detective work ensures that we are able to focus more time on providing a solution to our clients. Our team would like to thank you in advance for working with Global Reach.


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