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When is it a Good Time to Consider a Mobile Site?

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Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of mobile users. Actually, it will not be long before mobile devices outnumber desktop computers as the main means to access the internet. For businesses with an online presence, this means that their websites need to provide a pleasant experience for visitors on smart phones and tablets.

Identifying the best time to consider a mobile site comes down to how much importance you give to the following goals:

  • Being ahead of the competition. Even though the increase in mobile users is a well-known fact, the reality remains that many businesses haven’t optimized their websites for mobile devices. This translates into having to wait too long for the website to load, having text that is too small to read, and having difficulty tapping on the desired navigation items, links, and buttons. A mobile site eliminates all of these issues and lets visitors comfortably explore your content, thereby improving your competitive position.
  • Increasing engagement. When mobile visitors can easily navigate your website and read the content, they are more likely to stay longer, look at more pages, and visit again soon. This increased engagement allows for completing actions such as getting in contact, submitting valuable information through forms, and making online purchases.
  • Enhancing web performance. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo pay close attention to indicators of a positive user experience. They use this information to determine whether or not a website should be presented to searchers. Since mobile sites take care of this by presenting content in a manner that is optimized and easy to access, they contribute to enhanced rankings for your business in search engine results pages.

A mobile site is an investment with proven results. If resources are available, it is always a good time to make sure that your website is enhanced for the numerous visitors using mobile devices.


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