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Compass Insurance Agency LLC
Banking / Finance / Insurance

The challenge

Atkins Savings Bank acquired an insurance agency named Speckner Insurance and needed to have a new website created. The previous website for Speckner was outdated, lacked user interaction, had poor functionality, and was far overdue for a redesign. Atkins decided to totally rebrand Speckner, renaming it to Compass Insurance Agency, LLC. Because Atkins and Compass are related, but separate entities, Compass requested that permission settings be set up to prevent users from making edits where they shouldn't.

The solution

Global Reach created a modern, responsive, and WCAG-compliant website for Compass Insurance Agency. Since Atkins and Compass wanted to be considered separate entities, but still display there is a connection, Global Reach built a website using the same template framework as Atkins. With the same template design, the branding of Compass was added to it to separate Compass from Atkins. While both websites are managed by the same admin area, users from Compass and Atkins only see their website's content so no accidental edits are made.

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