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Desla Wealth Management
Banking / Finance / Insurance

The challenge

Desla Wealth Management is an independent financial services firm located in West Des Moines that was in need of an updated website and a more user-friendly content management system. Additionally, Desla serves primarily the older generation, so they needed to find a website template that would provide an easy-to-navigate interface along with large, clear text for easy readability. Beneath the surface of the old site, there was a wide range of damaging SEO practices that were detrimental to Desla's SEO and overall growth.

The solution

Desla chose one of Global Reach's SiteViz templates, "Metric", which provides an easy-to-navigate homepage with an embedded submission form for questions. The form was kept simple, so there is no confusion when making a submission. The buttons were also customized with bold text to make them easily legible. With the new website build, the site was optimized to remove the previous site content that was hurting SEO, and new content was added to provide new SEO value. In addition, the graphic design team at Global Reach created a new logo for Desla to use on their website, social media, and other promotional materials.

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