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ENGAGE: Global Reach Engage | March 2016

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Issued March 30, 2016

Last April, Google rolled out 'Mobilegeddon,' a ranking change impacting mobile search results. Almost a year later, Google is back at it again with round 2. Get the 411 on the new update, and find out why Google cares so much about mobile-friendliness.

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It's spring time. As you embark on your mission to spring clean your website, you'll probably find yourself wishing you'd taken a little bit more time throughout the year to keep things nice and organized. Maybe it's a little late to reduce your spring cleaning workload this year, but adopting these habits now and make next year's spring cleaning a snap!

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Marketers love data; the more, the better. Facebook's latest feature is providing more information than ever about how fans and followers are interacting with the content you post. So what is this new feature? You might be surprised. Read on to find out!

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