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ENGAGE: Global Reach Engage | May 2014

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Issued June 10, 2014

website banners

Is your homepage banner working for you, or against you? As the largest piece of real estate on your homepage, ensuring you have an effective banner image is paramount. Check out these six easy tips for creating images that will positively impact the overall impression of your website, your brand, and your business. 

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SEO Marketing

Constant Contact and other email marketing tools allow users to create and send out newsletters and other email marketing campaigns. While these platforms surely have their benefits, keep in mind that there are also benefits to hosting your newsletter within your website using a module like the one offered by our SiteViz Premier and Enterprise solutions. Find out how you can benefit your website’s SEO and employ a complete e-marketing strategy with no additional work.

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Google+ and SEO

Google+ is a key component in website rankings. The fact that your grandma doesn’t know what Google+ is won’t deter Google from making sure their social network doesn’t die. Find out how to get the most from your Google+ page.

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