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We are excited to celebrate our 30th year of business in 2025, and to show our appreciation to the community, we are giving away six FREE websites to Iowa-based organizations. Click here to apply to be considered for the giveaway.


ENGAGE: Global Reach Engage | October 2013

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Issued November 3, 2013


Whether you have encountered an issue or are simply in need of a website update, our support team is here to make sure your requests are taken care of in a timely and professional manner. To help us to better serve you, please review these suggestions about the specific information our support team is looking for.

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make your content go viral

When we talk about “virality” in the web industry, we mean popularity. If something you have written has gone “viral,” it means it has gotten a lot of attention online, especially via social media platforms. Besides receiving comments, Likes, +1's, or getting pinned, the best kind of online attention results in the sharing and reposting of your content. A high level of sharing is the goal whether you are writing content for a social media platform, your own website, or both. So what is it that makes content viral? Here are 5 characteristics of shareable content.

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mobile revolution

Being in the web industry, we’ve witnessed the shift to mobile first hand. We can say with a high level of confidence that it will not be long before mobile devices outnumber desktop computers as the main means to access the internet. For businesses with an online presence, this means that their websites need to provide a pleasant experience for visitors on smart phones and tablets. So, how do you know when it’s time to start thinking about a mobile website? Take these three benefits into consideration when determining if it’s time to make jumping aboard the mobile bandwagon a priority.

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Congratulations to the following organizations for recently launching a new website with Global Reach! Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm Live Well Iowa Western Dubuque Biodiesel LaMair – Mulock – Codon Co. Great Prairie Education Agency Courage League Sports Nerem & Associates Integral Strategic Solutions Eden Square


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