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Get the Most out of Your Website with these SiteViz Hacks!

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Animation of a ninja and 4 Siteviz Hacks created by Global Reach, the premier web developer in Iowa and the Midwest.

Posted on 02/01/2016 at 10:00 AM

SiteViz, our Content Management System developed right here at Global Reach, already makes managing your website a snap. So why not make things even easier? Get the most from your website and check out some of our favorite tips and tricks to use within our platform!

Make the most out of your responsive photos!

To allow your photos to make the best impact, size your photos outside of SiteViz prior to uploading them. If you don't have access to a photo editing software like Photoshop, we recommend using a free online tool from

Size your image to the dimensions needed for the desktop view. Doing so will allow the photo to nicely shrink and fill the screen of a smaller device. Not only will this create a clean look for the image on any screen size, but it will also ensure that there is no strange text spacing due to awkward empty gaps between the image and the left navigation menu.

Added bonus? Resizing images before you upload them to your website can save valuable resources and drastically decrease page load time. All else being equal, fast websites have a tendency to rank higher in search results.

Save time on submission forms!

The Submission Forms module is a highly robust module on all SiteViz platforms. This means, depending on the complexity of your form, it can take much planning and time to construct. Having to create many complex forms from scratch would be a very daunting task. However, there is a shortcut you can use in certain circumstances.

Say you want to create a submission form that is similar to the one you’ve already created. Maybe it has multiple steps or sections, the right kinds of fields, or contains some of the same questions you wish to include. Why waste time creating a brand new form? Instead, duplicate an existing submission form using the 'copy' feature located to the right of any form you've already created on your website. You can then edit the copied form to fit the needs of your new form.

Want a quick way to refresh your homepage? Swap out your content boxes!

Homepage content boxes are a great place to showcase popular links or new content you wish to feature. But say you’ve had the same news story on your website for months. Maybe you'd like to give your users something new to look at until you have new news content to promote.

Simply swap your news content box out for a testimonials box and give your frequent viewers something new to explore. SiteViz makes it easy to quickly switch out a content box you’re not using and replace it with another one.

Depending on the version of SiteViz you are using, the steps vary a bit:

For SiteViz Professional users:

Go to the 'Homepage Designer' and select 'New Content Box' to create a new content box. Then go to 'Homepage Layout' and simply swap out the old box for the new one you just created.

For SiteViz Premier users:

Go to 'Website Content Boxes' in the left-hand navigation. From the top-right, select 'Add New Content Box.' Next, from the home screen of the admin page, select 'Primary Website,' which will take you to a list of all pages on your website. Click the 'Edit' button to the right of the homepage. From there, select the 'Layout' tab, where you can simply swap out the old content box for the new one.

Your homepage now has a fresh new look!

If you need help or have any questions about how to refresh your homepage, contact us today!

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