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Access to Angie's List Reviews are Now Free to Consumers

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Posted on 07/04/2016 at 10:00 AM

Angie’s List, a member-based business listing and review service, recently lifted the membership gateway that prevented non-members from accessing their online business reviews within the platform. This decision has caused many businesses to flock to the site and claim their listings, be it to capitalize on the exposure they already get or to do damage control. 

What do we mean by damage control? Previously, Angie’s List reviews on home service providers were gated from the public. Only those with paid-for memberships had access to this content. Due to the limited audience of Angie's List, many businesses didn't bother concerning themselves with their reputation there. Now that the paywall has been lifted, businesses are changing their tune.

As a result of these changes, you too may find it's time to make Angie's List a part of your online reputation strategy. Before you dive in, here's what you need to know:

What is Angie’s List? 

Angie’s List was originally intended to connect customers with high-quality reviews, as well as clear, upfront pricing from highly rated companies in their area. Memberships connected users with money-saving deals and also offered protection through their Fair Price and Service Quality Guarantees.

What has changed on Angie’s List? 

Angie’s List now offers 3 tiers of service, including the first tier of service, which is now free to everyone:

At this level, any visitor has free access to reviews and ratings for companies in over 700 service categories.

The Silver service level is the first paid for tier offered by Angie's List. At this level, consumers have access to a guaranteed fair price and quality of service. This means that if poor service is provided, Angie's List will "make good or reimburse customers up to $100,000." If customers find a better deal on home services within 30 days of purchasing services through Angie's List, this membership level promises to pay them the difference.

At the Gold level, consumers are extended complaint resolution and customer support services.

What does this mean for businesses providing home services? 

It means you’ll need to add Angie’s List to your checklist of review platforms to monitor. Home service businesses that qualify for Angie’s List need to claim and verify their listing, just like you would with Google, Yelp!, and other popular review platforms. Doing so will allow listing administrators to be notified when new reviews are left so that you can respond quickly and appropriately. 

"But my businesses don't provide home services." Stay tuned…

With this newly free access to Angie’s List reviews, keep in mind that the platform is losing a significant portion of their revenue. This means Angie’s List will likely start considering other ways of increasing exposure and engagements made through the website. Though the platform is currently intended only for home service providers and businesses, we predict that it will soon make its way into other industries in an effort to grow its user base. 

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