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Why the Mailing List Module Is For You

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Posted on 10/24/2016 at 12:00 AM

Do you need a way to reach large numbers of consumers, without the pomp and circumstance of a full newsletter? Do you find yourself frequently sending multiple copies of the same email, just so you can reach all of your users? Then SiteViz Premier's all-new Mailing List Module might just be for you!

With the new Mailing Lists feature, clients in SiteViz Premier have the opportunity to use this key tool to connect with their users. Features include:

  • Smart Fields: Addressing your recipients directly using their names can be key in building a rapport with them. Our Mailing List tool's import feature makes customizing each email to include the recipients name a snap.
  • Branded Header: Ensure all of your communications adhere to the branding of your business or organization. Global Reach will design a customized mail header which reflects your brand.
  • Tracking Tools: Track open-rates and other key statistics regarding how recipients are engaging with your emails.

Call 515-996-0996 or email today to discuss adding this module to your website. 

Not in SiteViz Premier? You're missing out on this, and a number of other robust modules and features which could be put to work for your business or organization. Contact a project manager to upgrade today!

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