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5 Key Marketing Takeaways from Super Bowl LI

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Posted on 02/09/2017 at 08:00 AM

The Super Bowl is pretty much the “crème de la crème” when it comes to advertising. While it may cost a pretty penny for brands to snag 30 seconds of your Super Bowl screen time, you can actually learn a lot by simply paying attention – and the best part? You don’t have to spend a dime!

With that, we put together 5 key Super Bowl LI takeaways to consider for your next ad campaign. 

Use Call to Actions!

The theme in the 84 Lumber Ad was extremely relevant in today’s tempestuous political climate: immigration. The ad did its part to provide just enough information to prompt curiosity from viewers and remained intentionally vague and unresolved. 

With the story ending left untold, it encouraged viewers via a classic ‘Call to Action’ to go to their website to reveal the story’s resolution. The call to action was so successful, in fact, that the influx of traffic to the 84 Lumber website caused it to crash! 

Moral of the story? A classic call to action is still extremely effective. Oh! And maybe consider upgrading to a larger web server if you’re expecting a hefty traffic load.

Humor can be SO effective

Just about everyone can appreciate humor. Good jokes have staying power, as do funny commercials. 
Turbo Tax snagged a win with its Humpty Dumpty spot, depicting a cracked egg as he recovered in the hospital after falling from the infamous wall. 

Another extremely successful spot was the ad for Mr. Clean. His “flirtatious” dance moves were certainly humorous and memorable, and the ad will likely keep people talking for months to come.

The key lesson here? Even if you’re selling something “boring,” like cleaning products or tax software, your messaging doesn’t have to be bland.


Be Sensitive and Aware of the Times

GoDaddy has been known in the past to make some pretty controversial decisions when it comes to their advertising. But this year, perhaps due to the divided status of the nation, the web hosting company opted for a more traditional approach, “bringing the internet to life”, a theme which likely avoided the company a slew of criticism.

The ad was well received, and the takeaway is that, though a little controversy can be good for generating attention, sometimes it pays more to avoid ruffling feathers. 

When in Doubt, Go the ‘Heartstring’ Route!

Google Home probably provided the best example of connecting with their audience on an emotional level, or as they say ‘tugging at consumer’s heartstrings.’ With a message of diversity, the ad made viewers feel good. The cast of characters, each wonderfully unique, sent a message that Google Home "brings people together."

Social + TV + Mobile = Engaged Viewers Ready To Spread the Word 

Did you know over 90 percent of Facebook interactions that occurred during the game took place on a mobile device? Additionally, Super Bowl-related videos posted to the platform received over 263 million views!

With such a heavy reliance on both mobile phones and social media, viewers are favoring a dual device approach, and advertisers should follow suit if they want to connect with them.

Advertisers made sure they reached and engaged their audience on more than one level, from teasing ads before their airing via social media, to encouraging viewers to tweet using specific hashtags or participate in social media contests throughout the duration of the game. By engaging audiences on more than one channel, advertisers are able to cultivate online conversations and activity that spreads their message well beyond 30 seconds of TV airtime. 


Be it through humor, emotion, or timely relevance, it’s clear that, in this day and age, there is more to advertising than driving sales; it’s about building an audience of loyal fans who are happy to generate positive buzz around your brand.

Did you have a favorite Super Bowl ad? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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